Solar Generator

Emergency Power For Renters & Home Owners Alike!


Deployable Solar

  • 4.6KW battery power

  • 800w solar power

  • 110/120 AC outlet

  • 5A/h USB outlets

  • mobile on wheels

  • for renters and owners

power for the most important appliances.

Deploy anywhere!


Using Only The Best Products:

  • solar modules: "half-cell split modules" design for better shade resistance and more power output (2x 400w DC)

  • batteries: lead crystal, 100% safe and 100% recyclable, no hazardous waste, no fumes admission, no thermal runaway

  • Inverter: Schneider XW

  • Charge Controller: Schneider

  • 10 year bumper to bumper warranty

  • 25 years performance warranty on solar modules


We are proud to

produce this deployable solar generator in the USA!

Hand crafted, with pride and love for every detail.

Ready to go!

Power for your family!