Batteries &

Battery-Storage Units

Market Leading LEAD-Crystal Batteries

Storage Solutions for Residential, Commercial,

and Utility Scale applications


Commercial & Utility Scale


Designed to customer specifications.

Residential &

Small Commercial


Easily stack able design to fit all customer needs.

These steel boxes built in a range of sizes are insulated to protect batteries from high heat conditions, to extend their life or safely store used batteries

Fits any battery.

Order the empty unit, or turn-key with our Lead-Chrystal Battery Series, or Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries.


Interior construction materials are selected to resist combustion, including all-steel storage shelving, and the unit is equipped with fire and smoke panel and devices.

Custom-built, over-pressure screen doors minimize the impact of occurrence at the unit. Thermal ceramic roof coatings and 18,000 btu HVAC units maintain temperatures to ISO shipping regulations and the unit is protected for shipping, with steel cover. Thermostat, HVAC controls, and humidity indicators are mounted outside to minimize needs for personnel to enter the unit. All fire, gas, electrical panels and disconnects are mounted outside in recessed housings. Battery box has audible and visual strobe lights to warn personnel of an indication at the unit for appropriate action to be taken. Units are designed for use throughout North America and can be shipped to the customer’s locations anywhere, worldwide.

The residential & small commercial product line is built with installers and customers in mind. Build-in Schneider Inverter equipment as well as the well-known Lead Crystal Batteries. Giving the user peace of mind and the installer a “no headache” installation process.


Fits easily inside the homeowners garage, or can be installed outside, weather resistant. Great as a turn-key solution for any size solar company. If you are selling to residential customers, TOU and mandatory blackouts are here, a battery backup is a must, starting in 2019.

Don't fall behind. Our units are stack-able from 9.3kw (one unit) for residential. And 18kw (one unit) commercial applications.


Here a quick overview of the three most practical battery solutions.


a) Lithium battery backup, like Tesla Powerwall and LGChem:


✅ lightweight


❌thermal runaway (dangerous)

❌lithium harvesting is actually bad for the environment

❌hazardous material

❌not safe

❌hazardous waste

❌degenerate 5% each year

average lifespan only 7 years

b) Lithium-Ion-Phosphate



✅no thermal runaway


❌Lithium harvesting is actually bad for the environment

❌hazardous material

❌not safe

❌hazardous waste

❌degenerate 5% each year

❌average lifespan only 7 years

c) Lead Crystal


✅no hazardous material

✅100% recyclable

✅safe for the environment

✅no thermal runaway (safe)

✅no hazardous material

✅no hazardous waste

✅degenerate only 1% each year

✅average lifespan 14 years




Our Turnkey Solution includes the Schneider XW Inverter and Schneider 80A Charge Controller(s).

(In order to supply the correct charge controller we will need to know the solar kw size when placing the order).


Charge Controller

Schneider XW Inverter

We recommend  9kw backup system for "Time Of Use" or mandatory power outages.

For longer lasting power outages, or off-grid situation, we recommend 18kw backup size.

Custom design options!

Choose from our various designs, or submit your own company branding. Available for orders of 5 and up.

Hybrid-Generator coming soon!

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