Solar Tele-Marketing Center
let us be your VIP solar appointment setter

Have you ever run your own solar call center? Have you ever bought solar leads?

Then you probably know what kind of a headache this can be!

Here is where our call center is different:

we only cold call hand-selected homeowners, who pass our qualification process*, and who are not even in the market for solar (yet).

Our professional telemarketing team interests the homeowner in green energy and it's savings. When your energy specialist arrives at the appointment, there will be no competition, only friendly homeowners interested in conserving energy and possible options for energy and cost savings.

The problem, most solar lead generation companies are reselling the same lead over and over again and selling it also to multiple solar companies. This is creating only confusion and frustration to the customer, and just unnecessary competition to you!

2019 Pricing


only $99 set up fee (usually $199)

Solar Appointments (Commercial) 

@ only $2500


Solar Appointments (Residential)

@ only $1000

(minimum order 20 appointments)

Taking your solar company to the next level

*Our qualifying requirements

for your solar appointment:

- residential home

- owner-occupied

- under 70 years of age

- all decision maker present

- none or minimal shading

- selected zip codes, or counties

- high utility bills

- credit score >650

- NO bankruptcies, foreclosures,

- NO refi, or 2nd mortgages

Your appointments are:

-  Leads filtered by zip code and demographic regions. 

- Every appointment a potential transaction.

- All appointments are monitored by out quality assurance team.

- Management verifies all information is correct prior to appointment. 

- The Appointment is viewed by a satellite image to ensure quality in regards to shading.

- All Appointments set within 72 hours of the original call.

- Lower cost per acquisition by eliminating the competition.

​​PV Solar Supply


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Satellite Office

2950 Buskirk Ave,

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+1 (855) 878-3302

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