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Welcome to PVSolar Supply online (referred to as “PVSolar”) where the content and services available on our website (referred to as the “PVSolar Site”) are subject to the following terms and conditions (referred to as “Terms and Conditions”). By accessing and surfing PVSolarSupply.com, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, agreed, and conformed to these terms and conditions which include our Privacy Policy.

As a friendly reminder, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the PVSolar site. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please review our Privacy Policy for your reference and information.


PVSolar site is administered and operated by PVSolar based in Walnut Creek, East Bay and Valley, California. There is no demonstration whatsoever from PVSolar that the contents and information on the PVSolar site are available for use outside of the United States territory. Access from other places is deemed to be the sole discretion of users and subject to the applicable local laws and regulations. The use of PVSolar site and any relevant claim(s) are governed by the Laws Code of the State of California and the arbitration of dispute(s), if any, is governed accordingly.


The products and services available on PVSolar site, any samples thereof, and all materials displayed on the PVSolar site are copyrighted and properties of PVSolar. You may not sell or resell any of the products, services, or samples that you either purchase or receive from us. You are not allowed to copy, republish, and/or distribute in anyway any material on PVSolar site, except otherwise stated by PVSolar. We reserve the right, with or without notice, to cancel or not response of any requests, product or service to be provided to you that we believe, in our sole discretion, may result in the violation of our Terms and Conditions. Unauthorized use of material and information on PVSolar site shall be deemed a violation of the copyright laws.


Contents on PVSolarSupply.com are provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. You agree that your use of PVSolar site is at your sole risk. We do not warrant that the PVSolar site will be uninterrupted or error-free, nor do we make any warranty as to any results that may be obtained from using the website.


It is our utmost effort to be as precise as possible when describing our products and services on PVSolar site; however, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, we do not guarantee that the product or service descriptions or other relevant information available on PVSolar site, including but not limited to the dollars amount and/or percentage of saving on electricity bills, benefits of using solar, possible tax benefits, and any other information are the most updated, precise, complete, reliable, or error-free.


All information and content on PVSolar site, including but not limited to logos, trademarks, graphics, images, texts, database, audio and video clips, software, and the display thereof (collectively referred to as “Content”) is the property of PVSolar and our affiliates, and is protected by the United States and international laws, including the laws governing copyrights and trademarks.

Except stated otherwise or required under applicable law, neither the Content nor any portion of PVSolar site may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, or otherwise exploited, in whole or in part, for any purpose without our prior written consent.


Link(s) to third-party website(s) might be provided on PVSolar site for your sole convenience and reference. Once you are using these links, you are no longer on PVSolar site. Your access and use of any other websites linked to yet apart from PVSolar site is at your own disposition and risk. PVSolar has not evaluated all third-party links and does not have any control, endorsement, and representation regarding the content, information, material and service(s) of such websites and pages; we are not responsible for the results from using them. We thus assume no responsibility and warranty regarding any third party link to PVSolar site, including without limitation, its Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to review the Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions of all third party links that you intend to access.

Should you wish to be linked to the PVSolar site, please submit your request to Info@PVSolarSupply.com, and be advised that restrictions and conditions may apply, any third-party website desires to link to PVSolar website is indicated NOT TO:

  • Use the protected trademark(s) and logo(s) registered by PVSolar,

  • Contain offensive, obscene, controversial and illegal information and content

  • Contain information and content that might have negative and adverse effects regarding the reputation and trademark of PVSolar,

  • Display false and misleading information and discussion regarding PVSolar and its products, services, and websites

  • Imply, either directly or indirectly, that PVSolar is endorsing or associated with its products, unless otherwise stated and confirmed by PVSolar.

  • Copy, in part or as a whole, the content and information of PVSolar site,

  • Mistakenly demonstrate its relationship with PVSolar.

  • Unauthorized use ofwww.PVSolarSupply.com may result in the termination of the license set forth in this provision without prior notice. At our sole discretion, we may request a disconnection of the link to PVSolar site. The third-party link in concern must then withdraw its link association upon our request.



By using PVSolar site, you acknowledge that you are bound with and supposed to abide to the Terms and Conditions set forth on the PVSolar site. While you are committed to act according to the specified Terms and Condition in good faith, you must not make any change or alteration regarding the Content of the PVSolar site and its organization. Any act(s) and/or activity(s) against the set forth provisions in the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed liable for the losses and damages that may be caused to PVSolar as consequences of such violation(s).


Events, promotions, and sales may be offered on the PVSolar site either by PVSolar or our partners, affiliates, or other third parties. These events, promotions, and sales might be subject to change without any notice. Once you choose to take part in these special events, promotions, and sales, you are also liable for binding to the rules and policies thereof and each offer is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified on that offer. Offer cannot be used more than once, unless specifically stated. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other deal (“non-stackable coupon/offer code”). Offer are not for resale and are not redeemable for cash. All promotions are subject to cancel, change or end early without any notice. Must be 18 years old and above to be eligible for the promotion offer. PVSolar shall not be responsible for any discount or offer claim by disqualifying purchases or by purchases made when the offer is no longer available. Questions? Please email to: Info@PVSolarSupply.com

USER ACCOUNT (if available)

User account is (if available) on PVSolar site for customers’ Newsletter subscribing convenience. Only customers 18 years of age and over are eligible to open a user account with us. Upon registration, an automated email with provided username and password shall be sent to your email. It is your responsibility to secure your account’s confidentiality regarding your username and password. Your contentment to create and use the user account assumes your acceptance to our Terms and Conditions regarding activities occurred under your username and password. Access to the user account on PVSolar site that does not belong to you using someone else’s username and password is subject to the governing Terms and Conditions and dispute thereabout shall be settled by governing laws and regulations.

PVSolar site retains the right to refuse service to any user at our sole discretion should we deem the using of the account is inappropriate.

USER SUBSCRIPTION (if available)

By subscribing and/or contacting to PVSolar, you hereby give your consent to receive our newsletters, notifications, disclosures regarding our sales, promotions, and special events by means through emails and other kinds of communication. You agree to hold us harmless in terms of any claims or reports regarding these electronic notifications. You may choose to stop your subscription and thus cease all electronic correspondences to and from us by emailing us or calling our toll free number anytime after the point of subscription. PVSolar reserves the right to terminate subscription at our sole discretion without prior notice should we deem our Terms and Conditions are violated.


PVSolar welcomes your own stories about the success of saving electricity bills, or any comments, remarks, as well as suggestions relating, but not limited to the use of our solar system products and services. Any material, information, or the idea (collectively referred to as “Communications”) sent to PVSolar shall be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary, and may be used by PVSolar and/or its affiliates, for any purpose including, but not limited to product research and development, publication for PVSolar's True Stories on the PVSolar site. PVSolar and its affiliates are allowed to reuse, publish, copy, circulate, distribute, and integrate the Communications as well as the relating images, icons, sounds, text, videos, audios, messages for both commercial and noncommercial purposes.

Any submission regarding the saving story and the text, software, sound, images, videos, messages relating to such story shall be deemed your sole responsibility in terms of the content. You acknowledge that your Communications content is not harmful, threatening, obscene, hateful, misleading, deceitful, inaccurate, or invading the privacy of any other. You agree that your story and the relating content do not violate any patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property of any other party. You hereby confirm that you shall not email, spread, and distribute any virus, spyware, spam or send out unauthorized emails for the purpose of advertisement, solicitation, and promotion in the name of PVSolar Supply.

PVSolar does not guarantee the accuracy, and integrity of the saving stories shared and submitted by our customers. Nor do we endorse or verify the content of the stories sent to us. PVSolar shall be held harmless against any persecution and condemnation regarding the content of the stories submitted by our contributors and customers. In addition, PVSolar retains the right to refuse, remove, or delete the publication of your contributed saving stories. PVSolar may also terminate your submission at our sole discretion without prior notice should we deem our Terms and Conditions are violated.


By submitting your emails, mailing addresses, and/or other contact information to join PVSolar’s promotion campaigns and events, customers agree to receive notifications and disclosures of our promotion information, discount offers, and quotations via email and/or snail mail. Towards this purpose, customers also agree that by your consent to submit emails and/or mailing addresses to us via promotion campaign and other applicable promotion events, customers are open to electronic and/or paper communications with PVSolar in terms of our marketing purposes. PVSolar will not disclose customers’ contact information and will only use the information for promotion purposes. Furthermore, customers understand that submission of emails and/or mailing addresses may include subscription and/or registration with PVSolar, depending on the specific terms and conditions of the current promotion and/or event. It is customers’ right and responsibility to read this Customer’s Submission of Contact Information for promotion purposes carefully before submitting your emails and/or mailing addresses. Customers agree to hold PVSolar harmless in terms of any claim or complaint regarding these marketing communications. Customer may choose to stop all electronic correspondences to and from us by unsubscribing from our Newsletters. Customer may also choose to close your registered account by sending an official request in writing to PVSolar.  All communication and account termination requests may take up to thirty (30) business days for processing at PVSolar and customers will be announced of the results of such requests.


While we uphold our rights to intellectual property, we also respect others. Whenever you think a work, story, fact, or content on PVSolar site is a breach of copyright or right of intellectual property, please report to us immediately via email or by written notice, indicating the following information:

Description of the material you believe to violate the right of intellectual property or copyright and the location of that material on PVSolar site, your contact information, your address, telephone number and email address; Also, please include any statement indicating the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, confirming the accuracy of the given information, and stating your standing position in the claim, either as a copyrighted owner or as representative acted on the copyrighted owner’s behalf.


As a PVSolar site user, you accept to hold us harmless from any loss, damages, or costs, including but not limited to court fees, resulting from any third party’s claim as a consequence of your use of PVSolar site or from the violation of the set forth Terms and Conditions.


Any disputes relating to the use of the Site as well as its specified Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Laws Code of the State of California. The arbitrator’s judgment shall be binding and effective in any court of competent jurisdiction.


Any orders and purchases will stay PVSolars property until PO is paid in full. Cancellations have a 15% restocking fee plus any occurred shipping & handling fees. Warehouse pickups (will calls) products need to be inspected by the buyer before taking control of the shipment or goods. Any physical damage to the goods can't be claimed after transfer of control of the goods. 


You acknowledge that the Terms and Conditions as clearly stated herein constitute the absolute and comprehensive agreement between you, PVSolar site user, and PVSolar. These Terms and Conditions shall be effective in full force and govern all communications via The United Solar site once you choose to use PVSolar site.

The set forth Terms and Conditions shall, under no circumstance, be comprehended as creating any affiliation, partnership, or any form of joint-venture between PVSolar site user and PVSolar, Inc. In the case where one of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions become ineffective or invalidated by the applicable laws or by court judgment, this invalidity shall not render the other provisions of the whole Terms and Conditions ineffective and invalidated. In addition, the Terms and Conditions and other provisions as a whole may be modified and revised to fully express the original intent of the Terms and Conditions.

PVSolar may revise these Terms of Use at any time if this is deemed essential. Once modified, the new Terms and Conditions shall become effective immediately, supersede the previous ones and be notified to our users. Your continuous access and use of PVSolar site assumes that you are governed and restricted to any such revision. Thus, you are advised to get yourself updated to the current Terms and Conditions of PVSolar site. Certain Terms and Conditions may be modified and superseded by expressly designated legal notices.

If you have additional questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, please email us at: info@PVSolarSupply.com

This Terms & Conditions was last modified in May, 2018

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